Enerthane Eco - Canadian Made

At Polysource Industries we are one of the leading providers of Spray Foam Insulation for a variety of industries across Canada. Whether you are wanting to spray a commercial space or a crawl space we have the right products and training courses to make sure you succeed. We sell both Certified Medium Density 2lbs Spray Foam,  Half Pound Spray Foam and Class 1 Spray Foam. 


Enerthane ECO spray polyurethane foam is manufactured with 4rd generation zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) blowing agent and is designed for various applications. It is characterized by a superior insulation value and good physical and mechanical properties. The minimum in-situ density is 1.98 lbs/ft3 (31.7 kg/m3). 

Great R Value

Meets 705.1

Canadian Product

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Enerthane ECO R-Value Chart

Where is Enerthane Manufactured?

Enerthane Eco is a Canadian made product and is manufactured by Enerlab Corporation in Quebec.

What is the R-value of Enerthane Eco?

Enerthane Eco has a very high R-value. At three inches of foam, Enerthane acieves a full R6 per inch.