Spray Foam Rigs-Canada

The ability to build the perfect Spray Foam Rig doesn’t just happen overnight, it requires years of practice and training to truly perfect it. At Polysource Industries we have been building Spray Foam Rigs since the early 1990’s. Go with one of the most trusted names in the industry who will build a unit specifically tailored to your needs: on budget and with quality that is truly unmatched.

Whether you are planning to get into spray foam, concrete lifting, roofing, coatings or all of the above, we know what you will need to succeed. At Polysource you get a company that specializes in all of these areas with trained and knowledgable staff that have the real world experience that you need to tackle everything the industry can throw at you.

To figure out the rig that will work best for you our knowledgeable team will ask you a series of questions to find the right fit.


What are your goals with the rig? What kind of work will you be doing with it? Will it be mainly spray foam? Concrete Levelling? Roofing, Coatings? All of the above? Will you be using it for commercial or residential work? Are you wanting to go  with a brand new, reconditioned or serviced rig? These are all questions that will help narrow down the search.

Our brand new diesel powered Pro Contractor and Pro Contractor Plus Spray Rigs start from around $115,000 and up. Our brand new Contractor Gas Powered Spray Rigs Start from around $80,000 and up.

Graco Reactor2 Proportioner in Rig Build

Looking for a quality build but not wanting to break the bank? Our Serviced and Reconditioned Spray Rigs start from $60,000 and up. Feel at ease knowing our Graco and PMC certified mechanic shop will have gone through the units top to bottom making sure they will get the job done. 

We’re often asked what do we do to our Serviced and Reconditioned Spray Rigs. Well it’s quite simple, whatever needs to be done to them so they will perform perfectly for the jobs that they are designed for. Curious to learn more about them? Contact our team for the current Serviced and Reconditioned stock that we have as it’s constantly changing.

Should I purchase a gas or diesel powered Spray Foam Rig?

Debating between a diesel powered and gas powered Spray Foam Rig happens often when you start out. Depending on what your goal is with the Spray Rig will determine if it’s the right match for you. For residential and light commercial Spray Foam and Concrete Lifting work it is definitely the most economical option when you are getting into it but is it worth it long term? Gas generators tend to work substantially harder than diesel generators do which results in more fuel consumption and a shorter life expectancy.

Should I buy a used spray foam rig?

Buying used Spray Foam Rigs always seems like a great idea at first but quickly becomes a nightmare. Many see the low prices of these units and think it will be a cheap way to get into the industry but rest assured, you will spend way more money than your initial savings. When purchasing a used rig you are always buying someone else’s problems. Whether the hoses have ISO crystallization in them, the generator or trailer haven’t been serviced in ages or the foam equipment itself is tired, you will spend tens of thousands of dollars to make that used rig fully functional. Most don’t factor in he amount of down time you will have with the rig not working and the thousands of dollars this will cost as well. Rest assured that any serviced or reconditioned rig that Polysource Industries sells has gone through rigorous work and testing to make sure it is 100% operational. 

How much does a Spray Foam Rig cost?

New Diesel Spray Foam Rigs start from about $115,000 and up, new gas powered Spray Rigs start from about $80,000 and up. Serviced and Reconditioned Spray Rigs start from about $60,000 and up.

Can I spray other products with the same spray foam rig?

Contrary to its name a Spray Rig can spray numerous products including Spray Foam, Concrete Lifting Foam, Half Pound Foam, Roofing Foam, Polyurea Coatings and Hybrid-Polyurea Coatings. What one can use with their Spray Rig depends on the output and heating capability of the proportioner they have chosen.

Whether you are a new or existing Spray Foam Rig owner, Polysource Industries is here to serve you. We will be with you every step of the way making sure the decisions that you make with your purchase will benefit you for years to come. Give us a call today or hit the chat button in the bottom right of your screen to get things started!