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Polysource Industries Inc is your One Stop Shop for all things Foam and Protective Coatings. Polysource Industries has been a leading dealer and supplier of Spray Foam Insulation Equipment, Concrete Lifting Foam, Roofing Foam, Coatings, and Training for over 30 years. We specialize in setting up new and existing clients and servicing them for the life of their business.

Not all Spray foam and Coating Equipment is created equal. At Polysource Industries we only sell the best and most trusted brands in the market. Graco, PMC and our own line of Polysource products are industry tested and can handle all the hard work and tough conditions our trusted contractors can throw at them!

With all of the choices out there for Spray Foam and Polyurea Equipment, let Polysource go to work for you to find the most cost effective and best suited piece of equipment you need for the job. We carry a complete line of Proportioners, Sprayers, Pumps, Guns, Spray Rigs and Accessories.

Customer reviews

35+ years in the lndustry I have used a lot of suppliers for my products but none have come close to the professional and efficient service I have received from Ben Porter and the team at Polysource Ind. Over the past 15 years. Whether it's foam,coatings, parts and service and even training Ben Porter and Polysource Ind. Have gone above and beyond for prompt and professional tech support and service every time.
Darrin Hicks
5 star reviews Polysource PMC
I’ve worked closely with Ben Porter many times in both originally getting setup to do spray foam and ongoing when buying chemical and various other supplies. Polysource has been especially helpful in dealing with supply shortages through this weird time in the construction material market.

Chase Thomas
5 star reviews Polysource PMC
I have worked with Ben since 2017 when I started my slab-jacking business. He has been a great source of knowledge in helping me with my foam rig equipment, maintainance and operation. And not just during normal business hours......I've spent many evenings and weekends bending his ear.

Jeff Sparks
5 star reviews Polysource PMC

Spray Foam and Polyurea Proportioners are available in three formats; Pneumatic Drive (Air Driven), Electric Drive, and Hydraulic Drive. The Pneumatic Drive Proportioner is the lowest capital cost to purchase and features a Pneumatic Motor which Drives Fixed Ratio, Vertical Pump Assemblies. They tend to have the most pulsation in the spray pattern but are a good lower cost, entry level unit. They do however require a substantial amount of CFM of air to run them. The Electric Drive Proportioners have an Electric Motor which drives Fixed Ratio, Vertical Pump Assemblies as well. These types of pumps are known to have less pulsation compared to the Pneumatic Drive Proportioners. They are a good middle ground as well for pricing between Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drive Proportioners. Finally we have the Hydraulically Driven Proportioners which consist of an Electric Motor which drives a Hydraulic Pump that drives Fixed Ratio, Horizontal Pump Assemblies. The Hydraulic Drive Proportioners have the least amount of pulsation in their spray pattern and tend to work the least amount which in turn can give them the longest lives.

Contact Polysource today for your next equipment or chemical purchase and find out why we are one of the most trusted names in the industry!

How much does it cost to get into spray foam?

Proper spray foam equipment starts from about $16,000 and up. We have both new and reconditioned options available. If you are looking for a complete spray foam rig you will be looking at around $60,000 and up for reconditioned and about $110,000 and up for brand new.

How hard is it to get into spray foam?

Spray foam, like any trade requires countless hours of practice to master. At Polysource Industries we specialize in setting up and training new applicators in the industry. Our 2-3 day training courses offer a great basic in-site into spray foam technique, safety, chemistry, quoting and building science to which will help build your skills from. 

Where can I buy spray foam equipment?

Polysource Industries Inc is a leading provider of spray foam, concrete lifting and coating equipment Canada wide.

Do I need a license to do spray foam?

In Canada depending on the job that you are looking to do, more often then not the job will require there to be a certified applicator and a CCMC approved spray foam to be used on site. You can contact Polysource Industries and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you further. 

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Contact us today to have your new Spray Foam Rig custom built or inquire about our reconditioned rigs that are ready to go.

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