Integrated Power Station

Change the way you configure your rig and prepare for the jobsite. The all new Integrated PowerStation, including a Tier 4 Final engine, features a compact design, smaller footprint, and is plug-and-play with standard Reactor ® 2 proportioners, making it easy to set up your rig and to start spraying quickly. A Graco engineered solution that gives you more air power, more auxiliary power, more layout flexibility, more heat options and more fuel savings.

Integrated Power Station
Engine Kohler KD1903TCR,33.6 KW
Alternator MeccAlte, 24OV, 1PH, 90 Amps 22 KVA
Compressor Not Included/ Hydrovane20cfmor 35 cfm
AirDryer Not Included/Hanteinson22cfm or 35 cfm
AuxPower No Compressor +4 kw boost heat: 36
Amps @ 240V
4kw boost heat: 31.7 Amps @240V
(using 2kw boost heat add 83 Amps)
Pallet Size 46.75 x 37.5x 58“
Weight 1690lbs(w/o compressor)
1820lbs ( w/ 20cfm hydrovane)
1900lbs (w/ 35cfm hydrovane)
*does not include proportioner weight*
FuelConsumption 25% Engine Load: 0.49 gal/hr
50%Engine Load: 0.97 gal/hr
75% Engine Load: 1.46 gal/hr
100% Engine Load: 1.94 gal/hr
Fuel Tank Optional
Electrical Panel SquareD: Q0 Load Center